Whether you're looking for an end-of-year boost or you're planning into 2022, this bundle has everything you need to spark those sales!

what's included:

Fancy an Insane New Income Stream? (Usually sold for £47)
My high-impact, low-effort workshop that will walk you through creating not one but two new income streams in under hour. Templates included for extra ease!

10 Swift Shifts to Book Better Clients (Usually sold for £99)
My mini-course filled with 10 simple energetic upgrades that will make it soooo much easier for you to attract, book and retain the kind of clients that set your soul on fire.

Batch Like a Bitch! (Usually sold for £197)
My best-selling bootcamp that will arm you with everything you need to batch 90 days worth of content in just 5 days... so that you can set it, forget it, and focus your everyday energy on things you LOVE to do in your business.

Casual Sales System (Usually sold for £99)
My 4-part course that will teach you how to easily and effectively sell your services (or products) without being "salesy".

Tapping for Sales (Usually sold for £11) 
My EFT script that will help you tap into sales confidence in a matter of minutes.

Hypnosis to Sell Out Your Launch (Usually sold for £11)
My daily hypnosis to help support you during your next launch, flash sale or promotional period.

Book Your Best Client (Usually sold for £99)
My 5-part video series guaranteed to help you connect with (and book) 2 or more bestie-level clients stat.

A "Map out your best-selling offer" session with me! (Usually sold for £555)
A 90-min intensive with yours truly during which we will work together to outline and plan your next life-changing offer (whether that's a digital product, a service, an event or an online programme). You will also receive 14 days of UNLIMITED Voxer support to help you implement everything we discuss.

All for £1,118 £333

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